Kawasaki KH100 : ‘The Pickle’

Did you ever fancy building a bike that you just ‘wanted’ to do? Not because it’s fast, not because it’s a cornering monster, not because it’s a collector’s dream; just because you wanted to build a cool bike that you felt a connection to.


This was the vision of Aussie, Ryan Wall. When a friend threatened to scrap the used and abused KH100, he rescued it from the brink, even if he did leave it outside in the Australian elements for 6 years.
Ryan owns the up-and-coming business; AD&RM Custom Motorcycle Company and calls this bike ‘The Pickle’ because of it’s green colour and because it reminds him of the kind of bike that you could get into trouble on as a young lad.
Despite it’s small size, the engine was tuned; with a big rebore and a Wiseco piston providing some more punch. A Uni-Pod filter and the standard KH100 exhaust take care of the air and gases entering and exiting the engine.
Aesthetic upgrades took the form of freshly powdercoated components, new grips, upgraded controls and a beautifully hand-crafted copper oil tank.
This really looks like a fun bike that you really could get yourself into a ‘pickle’ on!
Article originally on Pipeburn.com | Words By Origin Moto.

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